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Move In/Out

We very much look forward to helping you have the best rental experience. To facilitate this, we have put together some information to help you. Please make use of the links below, but realize they do not claim to be complete listings of everything you will need. Making sure you have taken care of all your needs is the responsibility of the tenant.

Move in/Move out Checklist

Move Out Information

Moving out can be a wonderful experience as it marks a time of generally moving forward.  For many students it is a time to start a new chapter in life with new responsibilities.  As this takes place, we want the move to be as smooth as possible for you, for us, and for the next people moving in – who are very excited to move in; hopefully, just as you were.  Here are some reminders:

·         You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to moving out; you can make it smooth and easy with proper planning and coordination. Or, you can make it very unpleasant for all by not doing what you agreed to do on time,  this gets very expensive.  If we have to hire a cleaning company or someone else to perform a service due to your neglect, or do something that you agreed to do in your lease, we will add a 15% coordination fee to their bill, and we will use a company of our choosing and pass that expense on to you.  

·         Moving out on time – or early:  Contact our office and let us know your plans.  Moving out late is generally not allowed and gets very expensive.  Your place should be clean and empty.  We have provided a cleaning check list (Move in/Move out Checklist) available here for you to follow which is the list we use when inspecting.  We require using a professional cleaning company and ask that you give them the check list to work with.  We have companies listed on the website above that you may choose to use.  If it is not clean, we will hire a company of our choosing and pass any expenses on to you. Also, if you are planning on selling/leaving your furniture/items to the new tenants, you and the new tenants MUST use the agreement for Purchasing Furniture Form (found on the same website above)

·         Walk through: You do not need to be present at the walk through, but certainly can be.  We will do a walk through when your lease ends; or, if you vacate early, after you have vacated, at that time.  It is our hope that there will be no maintenance issues, but if there are, please notify us in advance so they can be fixed and the property ready for the next tenant.  If it is not ready due to your actions, or lack thereof, the cost of the delay will be passed along to you in accordance with your lease.

·         Utilities:  Your lease requires you to keep the utilities on until your lease ends not just when you vacate.  We recommend you have utilities scheduled to be turned off the last day your lease ends not before the day.

·         Keys: All of your keys should be turned over to the WMBG Rentals office – Keys should NOT be given to the next tenant.  Keys not turned in to the WMBG office by your move out date will be considered lost and replacement of keys or locks will be billed to you.

·         Deposits:  Deposits are refunded in accordance with your lease – not sooner than 5 days and not greater than 30 days after the end of your lease.  Please provide us with a current mailing address and instructions so we may process the deposit refund promptly.

Some examples of items we charge for are below, call the office for pricing,


            Smoke Detector Batteries                  

            Light Bulbs                                           

            Air Filters                                              

            Smoke Detectors                              


            Rekeying Fee                                       

Furniture Purchase Agreement

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