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Lock Out

We very much look forward to helping you have the best rental experience. To facilitate this, we have put together some information to help you. Please make use of the links below, but realize they do not claim to be complete listings of everything you will need. Making sure you have taken care of all your needs is the responsibility of the tenant.

Lock-out Policy

Having the staff from WMBG Rentals unlock your door if locked out is done at $25.00 per occurrence, Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm.  After hours or weekends is $75.00.  Note this is cheaper than damaging a door or replacing a lock and is still subject to availability.  If a locksmith is necessary we will coordinate that and only charge the actual cost of the locksmith. Tenants changing or re-keying locks is not permitted.



We wish to remind you to use reasonable care when handling the key fobs (if available) as they are durable but can be damaged through neglect and or accidents.  If you prefer a card to a fob we may be able to accommodate you with one but should you need replacement due to loss or damage the cost is $25.00 per occurrence.

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