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9130 Butner Lane Apartments

9130 Butner Lane Apartments

Welcome to 9130 Butner Lane. These very quiet and comfortable apartments are just right for the person looking for peace, quiet and tranquility. Both apartments have a private bath, kitchen and good closet space. The upstairs apartment is larger and boasts a spacious living area and second bedroom, and a laundry room. You can enjoy the yard and the sand beach along with the view of the York River.



  • Leasing Information

    To schedule an appointment to view the apartment, please contact us.

    Rent for Upstairs Apartment.
    Rent for this property is $1200.00 per month--a long lease is preferable.

    Rent for Downstairs Apartment.
    Rent for this property is $800.00 per month--a long lease is preferable.

    Information for both Apartments.
    1. A security deposit of $1400.00 for the upstairs apartment, and $2100.00 for the downstairs, is due at signing of the lease.

    2. Furniture is not provided.

    3. Off street parking for one car is included.

    4. Property has central heating and cooling that runs on electricity (heat pump).

    5. Dishwasher and refrigerator are included but a washer and dryer are not included; although, the hookups are on the first floor.

    6. Tenant shall provide own utilities to include electricity, and if desired, telephone, internet, cable TV, etc.

    7. Tenant shall help maintain yard to show a level of pride and maintain community standards.

    This is only a partial list of information. A full list of guidelines is present in the sample lease.
    For more information please call Greg Granger at (757) 220-3735.

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