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1643 Merrimac Trail

1643 Merrimac Trail

This commercial property boasts 4 office suites, 2 warehouse bays, 2 warehouse storage units, and a mezzanine storage area.



  • Leasing Information

    To schedule an appointment to view the property, please contact us.

    1. Rent for this property is negotiable.

    2. A security deposit is due at signing of the lease.

    3. The Office and Warehouse are divided as follows:

    First Floor Suite A has approx. 2,120 sf
    First Floor Suite B has approx. 1,836 sf
    Second Floor Suite C has approx. 1,553 sf
    Second Floor Suite D has approx. 1,662 sf
    Warehouse Bay 1 has approx. 700 sf
    Warehouse Bay 2 has approx. 700 sf
    Warehouse Storage Unit 1 has approx. 200 sf
    Warehouse Storage Unit 2 has approx. 200 sf
    Mezzanine Storage Area has approx. 1,000 sf

    4. Parking lot is included.

    5. Roadside Monument Signage Available.

    6. The property is zoned B-1, General Business.

    7. Tenant shall provide own utilities to include electricity, water and gas, and if desired cable TV, telephone, internet, etc.

    8. Tenant shall maintain property to show a level of pride and maintain community standards.

    9. For more information on the property, please visit.

    This is only a partial list of information. A full list of guidelines is present in the sample lease.
    For more information please call Greg Granger at (757) 220-3735.

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