Actual terms may vary

This lease, hereinafter made this ____________ day of ____________, ________ by and between Great Knights, Inc., a Virginia Corporation, hereinafter designated as "Landlord" and ________________________________________________, hereinafter designated as "Tenant".


The Landlord, in consideration of the rent specified herein to be paid by said Tenant and the other covenants, agreements and conditions hereinafter contained to be kept, performed and observed by said Tenant does hereby lease to said Tenant the dwelling known as __________________, in the City/County of ____________, Virginia with a zip code of 2318__.

The term shall begin on ____________________ at noon and end on _____________________ at noon.

The Tenant, in consideration of the demise and of the covenants and agreements made herein by said Landlord, leases said premises for the term and does hereby promise to pay to the Landlord, his representatives, and assigns as rental for said premises the rate of $__________per month, due and payable on or before the first of each month. Tenant acknowledges that rent is based on their performance of the covenants herein contained.

The Tenant covenants and agrees with the Landlord:

1. To pay and deliver to the Landlord the rental rate on or before the first of each month. A $50.00 late fee will be charged for any payments made after the due date, unless other arrangements are made in writing and in advance of the due date.

2. That the Tenant shall not and may not assign, transfer, or sublease the premises without first obtaining written consent of the Landlord. Guest of the Tenant shall be escorted by the Tenant or may be considered as a trespasser and may be removed from the property.

3. That the tenant will make a deposit (at time of signing lease) in the amount of $_________ to be held by the Landlord and shall be refunded within 30 days of Tenant vacating the demised in CLEAN and GOOD condition. Tenant will receive $____ in interest for every six months that deposit is held by said Landlord, so long as it is to be held for a minimum of 13 consecutive months, said interest will become part of the initial deposit and be refunded at the same time as the deposit.

4. The Tenant accepts said premises, fixtures and appliances in their present condition and Tenant agrees to keep said premises, fixtures and appliances fully functioning in good order and in a clean safe and sanitary condition; to obey all laws and ordinances affecting said premises, fixtures and appliances; to repay the Landlord, (or forfeit all or part of the deposit stated in covenant #3) for the cost of repairs made necessary by the destructive, negligent, or careless use of said premises, fixtures, appliances and improvements made thereto; and to surrender the premises, fixtures, appliances and improvements made thereto at the termination of the rental term; reasonable wear anticipated. If amount of repairs exceeds the amount of the deposit and legal remedies are necessary it shall be so. A $100.00 minimum fee shall be charged for any early termination of this lease plus any expenses or damages to landlord.

5. That the Landlord shall NOT be liable for any injury or damage to the person or property of the Tenant, or any other person irrespective of the cause. Tenant is encouraged to purchase "renters insurance", such decision is however at Tenant's option.

6. To conduct no illegal activity on the premises.

7. That the Landlord may inspect the premises with 24 hours notice to the Tenant, or when the Landlord believes the premises is endangered without notice. Tenant agrees to limited showing of the demised with 24 hours notice during the last 60 days of lease.

8. That the Landlord may re-enter and occupy the demises for the breach of any covenant herein contained upon the Tenants failure to remedy to the breach within 10 days or if Tenant shall be in default for 10 days in payment of rent.

9. Tenant is responsible for all utilities, reasonably anticipated repairs, to the interior of the proberty including appliances, fixtures, equipment including all maintenance, preventive and otherwise (including but not limited to clogged drains) of the demised. Landlord shall be responsible for all major repairs to the demised as long as they are not directly related to the actions or lack thereof of the Tenant. An example of some reasonably anticipated repairs would be the replacement of a part on an appliance such as an element on a stove or hot water heater element. This would fall to the Tenant; however the replacement of the entire stove or hot water heater would be a major repair and fall to the Landlord. A loose shingle on the roof would be a minor repair of maintenance concern; replacement of the whole roof would be a major repair. The Landlord reserves the right to determine the necessity of any major repairs. Tenant cannot obligate Landlord in any way for repairs or other goods or services. Tenant is also responsible for the entire yard, including trees, branches, shrubs, etc. The building and yard shall be maintained to show a level of pride in the property. Tenant agrees to reimburse Landlord, if Landlord finds it necessary to perform maintenance on the building and yard, such as, but not limited to, grass cutting and trimming of bushes. Notice shall be given to Tenant prior to Landlord doing such work. Tenant acknowledges that they could have elected to pay a higher rent and have Landlord perform all maintenance and repairs but opted for rent and responsibilities contained in this lease. Tenant has (or will upon occupying demised) inspected the smoke detectors and stipulates they are functioning and adequate and Tenant will maintain same including batteries in smoke detectors.

10. In case of partial destruction or injury to the building(s) by fire, the elements or other casualty not related to the Tenant�s action or lack thereof, the Landlord shall repair the same with reasonable dispatch after notice to him of such destruction or damage. Tenant is to be responsible for clean up of yard after storms. In the event that the building(s) becomes totally unfit for the purpose of which this lease was made, due to the aforementioned causes, rent shall be paid up to the time the demised cannot be used for the intended purpose.

11. Any improvements made to the demised become the property of the Landlord at the time they are made. The replacing of locks or addition of any lock(s) to the demised is not allowed without first obtaining Landlord�s approval. No structural or design changes are allowed by Tenant. The Landlord reserves the right to make improvements to the demised so long as they do not materially prevent the Tenant from using the demised for the purpose that it was intended.

12. This lease shall renew automatically on a month-to-month basis at the expiration of the initial term unless either party hereto notifies the other at least 30 days prior to the expiration of his intent not to renew. If this month-to-month lease takes place there will be a 10% increase in the rent starting with the first month of automatic renewal.

13. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis for pets.

14. The demised will be used as a single family residence. Tenant acknowledges that demise is located within a quiet neighborhood and they agree to conduct themselves in such a manner as to be anasset to the neighborhood. Landlord may penalize Tenant if the neighbors or City lodge complaints agains Tenant that go unresolved relating to conduct or maintenance of the property. Not more than ____ vehicles are allowed on the property at any given time and then only in driveway or parking area.

15. If a Virginia Court finds it necessary to sever a part of this lease to save the bulk than it shall be so. Tenant shall bear cost of collections, and reasonable attorneys fees to the extent permitted by law.

Any notice by the Landlord to the Tenant, or by the Tenant to the Landlord may be given and shall be deemed to have been duly given if either delivered personally or sent by certified mail, addresses as the case may be:

      To the Tenant at the leased premises.

      To the Landlord at its office, 1005 Richmond Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Landlord and the Tenant have executed this lease in duplicate as of the day and year first above written.



Phone _______________________

Great Knights, Inc., Landlord

(757) 220-3735