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We very much look forward to discovering together how we can best help you. Below are details pertaining to 1005 Richmond Road, general company policies and helpful links you can use to learn about renting from us. For more information or clarification, contact us. Thank you for your interest.

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Site and Leasing Information for 1005 Richmond Road, 3rd Floor Apartment.

To schedule an appointment to view the property, please contact us.

1. Rent for this property is $985.00 per month for single occupancy or $1,600.00 per month for double occupancy--a long lease is preferable.

2. A security deposit of $1,600.00 is due at signing of the lease.

3. Furniture is not provided.

4. Off street parking for one car is included.

5. Property has central heating and cooling.

6. A refrigerator and stove are included. There are no washer or dryer hookups in the building, but the laundromat is within walking distance.

7. Landlord provides utilities to include electricity, water, and internet.

This is only a partial list of information. A full list of guidelines is present in the sample lease.
For more information please call Greg Granger at (757) 220-3735.

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