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We very much look forward to discovering together how we can best help you. To facilitate this, we have put together some of the information you will need to have when you move into your new residence. Please make use of the links below, but realize they do not claim to be complete listings of everything you will need. Making sure you have taken care of all your needs is your responsibility.

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Numbers You Need to Know
WMBG Rentals Office: 757-220-3735

Virginia Natural Gas: 866-229-3578
Dominion Virginia Power: 888-667-3000
Cox Cable Communications: 757-224-1111
Verizon Residential services: 800-837-4966

Renters Insurance
State Farm - Bill Ward: 757-229-9615
Allstate - Steve Mason: 757-229-5300
Towne Insurance - Lisa Frost: 757-564-4726

City of Williamsburg
Water & Sewer: 220-6140
Water Connection: 220-6188
Trash & Recycling: 220-6140
Parking & Bicycle Safety: 220-2331
Voter Registrar: 220-6157
Commissioner of Revenue's Office: 220-6150

James City County
Water and Sewer Connection: 253-6800
Recycling Information: 253-6809
Voter Registrar: 253-6868
County Treasurer's Office: 253-6705

Cleaning Companies
AJAYS Cleaning Services: 757-975-6672
One Stop Cleaning LLC: 757-707-9600
Amanda Conner: 804-694-6431
Carpet Pro: 757-272-7741
Conscientious Carpet: 757-564-0201

Daily Press: 757-242-4800
Virginia Gazette: 220-2224
Chesapeake Bank: 253-9080

Local Internet Company
Widomaker: 253-7621

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