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We very much look forward to discovering together how we can best help you. To facilitate this, we have put together some of the information you will need to have when you move into your new residence. Please make use of the links below, but realize they do not claim to be complete listings of everything you will need. Making sure you have taken care of all your needs is your responsibility.

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New Residents Checklist
Update vehicle information at the DMV located at 5235 John Tyler Hwy, Williamsburg, VA 23185.

  • Purchase Virginia Plates.
  • Purchase new vehicle registration.
  • Update your driver's license.

Stop by the Municipal Building located at 401 Lafayette Street

  • Purchase a parking permit (if your street has a "Parking Permit Only" sign) at the Finance Department.
  • License your dogs with a copy of their current vaccination at the Finance Office.
  • Register your child with the public school system.

Set Up Utilities With The City of Williamsburg

  • Water Connection: 220-6188
  • Sewer: 220-6140
  • Refuse Collection & Recycling: 220-6140

Set Up Utilities with James City County

  • Water and Sewer Connection: 253-6800
  • Recycling Information: 253-6809

Set Up Utilities with Utility Companies

  • Cable
    • Cox Cable Communications: 224-1111
  • Electricity
    • Dominion Virginia Power: 866-366-4357
  • Phone
    • Verizon Residential services: 757-954-6260
    • AT&T Residential services: 800-222-0300
    • Cox Cable: 224-1111
  • Gas
    • Virginia Natural Gas: 866-229-3578

Don't forget the grass!
Check with Greg if you need recommendations on lawncare professionals.

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