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Below are some properties that are available for renting. Properties are generally located close to Downtown Williamsburg, and are within walking distance of Duke of Gloucester Street. Simply click on the pictures below for each property's home page, and you will find links to location information, floor plans, and even additional pictures showing the property. After browsing the pages, if you would like to set up an appointment, call (757) 220-3735 or click here.

A rental application is required on all rentals. click here.

For short term housing needs check out Pineapple Inn & Housing Center, located at 5437 Richmond Road,
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104 Wythe Avenue (residential)
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This home has two bedrooms, one bath and off street parking. This home is close to shopping, Colonial Williamsburg and the College. This home will be available June 1, 2016.

106 Delaware Avenue (residential)

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This charming 2-story home features two bedrooms, a living room, separate dining room, central gas heat and air conditioning, one and a half baths, a basement, washer/dryer hook ups and a fenced in back yard with a small deck. Close to restaurants, Colonial Williamsburg, and The College of William and Mary, it is ideal for a small family, newly wed couple or anyone looking for charm and convenience. This home will be available August 15, 2016.
719 Richmond Road (residential)

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Built in the 1930s as a bed and breakfast, this rustic house has been home to college students since the 1960s. Located in the heart of Williamsburg, the house is just a short bike ride or walk from campus, most of central Williamsburg shopping, dining, and touring areas. 719 is leased out room by room. Each room houses one person, much like a boarding house, as the property was built to be. The resident manager resides on the first floor. Leasing Now for the Summer Session and the next academice year.
1003 Richmond Road (residential)
This is a pretty apartment that is currently over an insurance company. It is across the street from the Wells Fargo Bank.
Available August 15, 2016.
1005 Richmond Road (residential)

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This quaint 3rd floor apartment is located within walking distance of campus, shopping, banks and more. This roomy apartment offers numerous amenities, including broadband internet access, cable tv and free off-street parking!
Available June 1, 2016.
507 East Franklin Street (office space)

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This large office building is located in downtown Richmond.
901 Richmond Road (office space)

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Advantageously located on Richmond Road in the heart of the Arts District, this former home offers a wealth of office space along with street-front signage and parking in back.