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Below are some properties that are available for renting. Properties are generally located close to Downtown Williamsburg, and are within walking distance of Duke of Gloucester Street. Simply click on the pictures below for each property's home page, and you will find links to location information, floor plans, and even additional pictures showing the property. After browsing the pages, if you would like to set up an appointment, call (757) 220-3735 or click here.

A rental application is required on all rentals. click here.

For short term housing needs check out Pineapple Inn & Housing Center, located at 5437 Richmond Road,
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703 Penniman Road (residential)
This three bedroom two bath house is conveniently located in James City County across from Magruder School. Minutes from downtown Williamsburg and the Interstate.
903 Richmond Road (residential)

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This one bedroom cottage is located in the City of Williamsburg, it is within walking distance of the College of William & Mary, Colonial Williamsburg and Williamsburg Shopping Center.
Available August 16, 2017
1003 Richmond Road (residential)
This is a pretty apartment that is currently over an insurance company. It is across the street from the Wells Fargo Bank.
Available August 16, 2017.
110 Bacon Avenue (retail building)
This retail building has a great location in the heart of downtown Williamsburg. Bacon Avenue is lined with other professional and retail buisinesses and is within walking distance of the College, Colonial Williamsburg, shopping and restaurants.
507 East Franklin Street (office space)

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This large office building is located in downtown Richmond.
901 Richmond Road (office space)

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Advantageously located on Richmond Road in the heart of the Arts District, this former home offers a wealth of office space along with street-front signage and parking in back.
1001A Richmond Road (office space)
This office building has a superior location at this prominent Richmond Road address. 1001A is split into four separate suites. These offices are surrounded by other professionals and are within walking distance of the College, Colonial Williamsburg, shopping and restaurants. Second floor office space available.