Rental Application


Please provide as much of the information as possible.




Phone Numbers           ________________________________________________________________


Current Address          ________________________________________________________________




Employer                     ________________________________________________________________


Employer Phone         ________________________________________________________________


Landlord references __________________________________Phone ________________________


                                    __________________________________Phone ________________________


                                    __________________________________Phone ________________________

For spouse      

Employer                     _______________________________________________________________


Employer Phone         _______________________________________________________________


I would like my lease to start on _____________________________


If I am able to move into the property, I see myself staying there for _____________________ Years.


I have read the proposed lease for (check our website:

Option 1____________________________Rent (per month)_____________Deposit_______________

Option 2____________________________Rent (per month)_____________Deposit_______________

Option 3____________________________Rent (per month)_____________Deposit_______________

(Options are for availability; we will show places one option at a time if it is available.)


I am interested in leasing the property, and I am able to abide by all the terms of the lease, and understand that I will be required to leave if I do not abide by the terms of the lease.


This rental application is not a binding contract.  This is used for screening purposes only.  Once the lease is signed by all parties and the deposit is paid, there will be a binding agreement.


I authorize you to check the above information and speak with the people listed above.


_______________________________                      _________________

Signature                                                                     Date


_______________________________                      _________________

Signature                                                                     Date